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Author:Horley, Paul / Lee, Georgia, Publishing House: Rapanui Press
First Edition; Pages: 320; Size: 24 * 34cms.; Hardcover; English language

First and only study on the petroglyphs and cave paintings of Rapa Nui. Maps, graphs and illustrations support this anthropological, archaeological and aesthetic research.
Georgia Lee, American Archaeologist, editor, publisher. Certified teacher, California. Member Society for American Archaeology, American Rock Art Research Association, (vice president 1980-1982, national Chairman of Commission for conservation and preservation 1991-1993, Wellmann award 1996).
Education Bachelor, California College Arts and Crafts, 1948; Master of Arts, University of California, 1978; Doctor of Philosophy in Archaeology, University of California at Los Angeles, 1986.
Career Editor, publisher, Rapa Nui Journal, Los Osos, California, since 1986; research associate, University of California at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, 1987-1997; vice president, Easter Island Foundation, Houston, Texas, since 1989; research associate, Santa Barbara (California) Museum Natural History, since 1990. Director University of California Research Expedition, Berkeley, California, since 1981. Consultant British Broadcasting Corporation-Nova Film, Easter Island, Chile, 1987, World Monuments Fund, New York City, 1988.

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