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Rapanui Press; First edition; Author: Ida Luz Hucke Atán (Mama Piru) / Fernanda Lizana Abarca; 289 Pages; Size 21*21 cms; English and Rapa Nui Languages; Soft cover.

Mama Piru was a powerful and charismatic Rapanui woman. Her firm and stony mettle was similar to the colossal Moai (statues). But behind this harsh facade, there was a sweet, affectionate and generous woman, a matriarch of her people, called by all “Mama”. The power and ancestral strength of the maori people, the Mana, was intense in her, which led her to work unceasingly for her beloved Island. With this spirit of leader and warrior, she taught and raised consciousness, struggling against the plastic that pollutes her Island, her sea and the planet. As a researcher of cultural heritage, she achieved the first historical repatriation of ancestral bones from New Zealand to Rapa Nui. This book offers her memoirs, written just prior to her departure to her encounter with her ancestors, her Tupuna. Straight-forward and profound tales lead us on a voyage through her history, as fascinating as her maori Rapanui culture.

A Mama Piru he vi’e hōhonu pūai, haumarū. To’ona noho haŋa mo u’i atu ō’ou pahe vi’e hio-hio, tu’u pahe mā’ea era o te Mōai. Rā u’i haŋa he haho nō, i roto i to’ona ‘īnaŋa te haka tere haumarū, te riva, te here. He vi’e ma’ohi hōhonu o te henua Rapa Nui, ‘oira e raŋi era, ko Mama. I roto i a ia te Mana, e ŋaro’a era, i te pūai o te hui tupuna Maorī. Hai pūai era ō’ona hai haŋa i aŋa ai mo to’ona henua, mo to’ona taŋata ko ia ko te tapu e ko te haka paka i to’ona tupuna. To’ona haka tere haŋa pahe pū’oko o te vi’e tama’i, to’ona haka tere haŋa pahe vi’e moto ki te ecología, ko hāpī ‘ā ki to’ona taŋata i te hauha’a mo haka kore o te plástico mai ruŋa i te henua. Pahe vi’e rara, kimi ki te ivi o te henua, ‘a’ana i rava’a te rāve’a mo haka hoki mai o te ivi tupuna mai Aotearoa ki Rapa Nui. Te puka nei i ruŋa i tāpura ai te haka tere haŋa o Mama Piru, ka oti te puka, ka mate e ka iri ka piri ki to’ona tupuna i te rua aro era. A roto i te haumarū te roa hōhonu o to’ona haka tere haŋa i te ao nei ta’ana aŋa, te pūai te nehe-nehe pahe haka tere haŋa ena o to’ona henua Ma’ohi Rapa Nui.

The edition is bilingual Rapanui-English containing an extensive photographic archive.

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