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El increíble Hulk en Easter Island #261 1981 Marvel


The Incredible HULK #261 July 02456
«Encounter on Easter Island!»
Avengers cameo.
Story by Bill Mantlo.
Art by Sal Buscema.
Cover by Frank Miller

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As the Hulk washes ashore to the mysterious Easter Island he soon learns that he is not alone. The powerful villain the Absorbing Man has also taken refuge here. Reeling from his last battle with the Avengers (Avengers (1st Series) #184), Crusher Creel, his psyche fragmented, has withdrawn from the world of heroes. Now the Hulk has arrived and threatens his sanctuary. Creel must destroy the green goliath before he can alert the rest of THEM that he is still alive. Witness one of the most bizarre Hulk/Absorbing Man battles.

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