Easter Island, Earth Island

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Author: Paul Bahn Y John Flenley

El ABC moderno sobre Rapa Nui. Investigaciones sobre poblamiento, historia, cultura y ecología.

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Rapa Nui is presented in «Easter Island, Earth Island» through its history, legends and culture, the latest archaeological discoveries, and investigations of it’s ecology and environment.
Where did the islanders come from, the different phases of their development, and finally how the overexploitation of resources led them into decline. Paul Bahn and John Flenley, two of the most respected researchers in Rapa Nui studies, present the important message that the island teaches us, uncovering the worrying parallels between its history and our present-day negligent lack of consideration for the fragile natural environment. In short, they show us that Rapa Nui is a reflection of the planet Earth.

PAUL BAHN Y JOHN FLENLEY, Isla de Pascua. Isla Tierra, Santiago, Rapanui Press, 2011, traducción de José Miguel Ramírez, 390 páginas.

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Easter Island, Earth Island Bahn & FlenleyEaster Island, Earth Island
$ 16.000 Sin envío
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